Shower stretcher for hospitals

While the thought of stretching a shower is a strange one, the purpose of a shower stretcher is not that but rather is simply a way to put patients above a bathtub or to use it as a changing table. It's meant to alleviate the stress and physical strain put onto caretakers and do the act of hygiene an easier task for patients and said caretakers. 

Equipment to help with patient hygiene is a common sight inside hospitals where the minimizing of risks and spread of diseases is of outmost importance. The shower stretcher does also minimize risk for work-related injuries, especially those that come from lifting which otherwise would be common in hospitals since there's patients that either are completely unable or hindered from moving by themselves. The importance of this cannot be understated and reducing the risk of forced leaves due to stress and injuries should always be reduced as much as possible.

A good number of products

Hospitals and elderly care facilities do have more than just shower stretchers when it comes to hygiene, such as shower trolleys, bath lifts and shower chairs. As to where they get such equipment, TR Equipment is the place, producing patient hygiene products that are meant to offer low cost of ownership as well as being easy to use. 

The money spent on these products is​​, obviously, well worth the investment as it makes keeping a proper hygiene among patients both simpler and more dignified on top of reducing risks for injuries for both parties involved.​​